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Posted by: admin  February 18, 2019

February 20, 2019, India Airdrop, the Time is Now – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa – February 20, 2019   Limited time offer – 3 month, 2,500 free LPK Airdrop For new users from India only. In preparation for L-Pesa loan services in India L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a…

Posted by: admin  February 16, 2019

Turkey Airdrop – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa to Turkey LPK investors  Limited time offer – 3 month – 2,500 free LPK Airdrop start February 20, 2019,  For new users from Turkey only. L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a simple microloan service…

Posted by: admin  February 5, 2019

L-Pesa Android App – Loans are a Swipe Away

Coming up March 2019 – L-Pesa Microloans have been transforming the way that people are able to access microloans. Designed to put loan funds into mobile banking accounts, this is a service that has helped ensure everyone is able to gain access to credit, no matter where they are, without need for any collateral. Users…

Posted by: admin  September 23, 2018

L-Pesa LPK Network Effect

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has been transforming communities over the past few years. Due to the good works that this service is responsible for, there are those that believe it is a charity. However, L-Pesa is purely a business. The benefit of being a business is that it is able to enjoy…

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Posted by: admin  September 19, 2018

L-Pesa – Gemini Personal loan in 5 Minutes

L-Pesa – Gemini Personal loan in 5 Minutes “Enter your Mobile Banking number in to “Loan Application” and click “Apply Now”. Upload your ID and pass L-Pesa Verification process. Check your ERC20 Wallet for GUSD loan in 5 minutes.” Services will be available soon for USA, India and Philippines. (Pending Gemini approval)

Posted by: admin  August 16, 2018

L-Pesa’s Growing Service Offerings

L-Pesa is a finance service that is highly progressive and revolutionary. It has opened up the world of finance services to thousands of people, using mobile devices as the key offering medium. Through mobile phones, L-Pesa makes it possible for people to borrow money in just minutes and then build up their credit rating. With…

Posted by: admin  August 6, 2018

Bitmart Exchange list LPK – Trading is live.

Dear L-Pesa family, Bitmart have listed L-Pesa Kripton token (LPK) on Bitmart digital asset platform. The following trading pairs are available: LPK/BMX. More trading pairs will be announced soon. Trading: Open:  2018/08/06 10 AM (EDT) Join us on Telegram

Posted by: admin  June 25, 2018

 L-Pesa escrow service for the L-Pesa social exchange

L-Pesa offers excellent progressive financial services, and at its core, it offers microloans through mobile phones. This service works to ensure that everyone can access financial services and makes it very easy to experience financial inclusion. Now, L-Pesa has elevated its service offerings to include L-Pesa escrow service as well as L-Pesa social exchange. L-Pesa…

Posted by: admin  March 18, 2018

How to purchase Ethereum on an exchange

  Note: This is a step by step guide on how to buy Ethereum on an exchange so you can get ready to become an L-Pesa supporter during our Pre-ICO / ICO   In this article we will focus on how to purchase Ethereum (ETH) on a cryptocurrency exchange. On exchanges you are able to purchase…

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Posted by: admin  March 17, 2018

ICO Blogs – How to create a wallet on My Ether Wallet

Note: This is a step by step guide on how to create a Ethereum wallet so you can send / receive tokens. This wallet can also be used after to store all your cryptocurrency tokens / coins. In this step by step guide, we will show you how to create a new Ethereum wallet. You…