Month: June 2018

Posted by: admin  June 25, 2018

 L-Pesa escrow service for the L-Pesa social exchange

L-Pesa offers excellent progressive financial services, and at its core, it offers microloans through mobile phones. This service works to ensure that everyone can access financial services and makes it very easy to experience financial inclusion. Now, L-Pesa has elevated its service offerings to include L-Pesa escrow service as well as L-Pesa social exchange. L-Pesa…

Posted by: admin  June 8, 2018

Making the Most of L-Pesa Token

L-Pesa started as a service that offers microloans to any customers who have access to a mobile device. These are offered in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, catering to those who have been marginalized by complex financial systems. The services of L-Pesa have grown exponentially over the years, and now, one can gain access…