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Posted by: admin  August 8, 2019

L-Pesa Android App is live on Google play store – Loans are now a Swipe Away

L-Pesa Microloans have been transforming the way that people are able to access microloans. Designed to put loan funds into mobile banking accounts, this is a service that has helped ensure everyone is able to gain access to credit, no matter where they are, without need for any collateral. Users of L-Pesa have enjoyed the…

Posted by: admin  April 9, 2019

LPK Saving account with weekly interest to your mobile wallet

  The best part of saving is watching your money grow when you receive interest. This is when one can say, ‘patience pays.’ Banking institutions typically pay out their interest once in a year. This rarely encourages people to really get into saving. L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that focuses on fully meeting the…

Posted by: admin  March 23, 2019

L-Pesa Makes Cryptocurrencies even easier to reach.

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has expanded with ease for one simple reason, and that is understanding the customer. With this, L-Pesa has been able to consistently evolve their product to meet customer needs and demands. Following months of work, L-Pesa has taken the next step to helping its crypto’s users attain financial…

Posted by: admin  March 15, 2019

Offer end April 15, 2019 – L-Pesa Offer Transformational LPK Savings.

When it comes to financial inclusion products, there are few that stand out like L-Pesa. This progressive finance service started out offering loyal customers microloans, and has expanded since then. Over the years, it now offers a digital currency called Kripton, that L-Pesa members can access from their mobile phones. There has been a small…

Posted by: admin  March 15, 2019

Joint Balance Bonus and Trading Competition on Bitmart.

How many LPK will you own by end of competition? 🐳Humpback Whale= 130,000,000 LPK & More 🐋Whale= 129,999,999 – 80,000,000LPK 🦈Shark= 79,999,999 – 40,000,000LPK 🐬Dolphin= 39,999,999 – 20,000,000LPK 🦑 Squid= 19,999,999 – 10,000,000LPK 🐙Octopus= 9,999,999 – 5,000,000LPK 🐟 Fish= 4,999,999 – 2,000,000LPK 🦀Crab= 1,999,999 – 1,000,000LPK 🐌Snail= 999,999 – 100,000LPK 🦐 Shrimp= 99,999 – 1000LPK…

Posted by: admin  March 13, 2019

Amazing new product from L-Pesa – LPK Collateral Loan

Coming Soon Try the Latest New Loan product from L-Pesa L-Pesa is a progressive finance service, that is consistently evolving. Over the years, new products have been implemented to meet with changing customer needs. Now, another revolutionary product for L-Pesa customers is available. That is the LPK Collateral Loan which one can access with ease…

Posted by: admin  February 18, 2019

LPK will be list on SWFT Blockchain February 20, 2019

🎉We are happy to announce that Kripton(LPK) by @LpesaICO will be listed in SWFT Blockchain on Feb. 20, 2019 and will be paired in over 120+ coin/tokens 🎉 🔥L-pesa is a financial services company that provides microfinance to clients in Africa. DOWNLOAD LINKS: SWFT iOS app: SWFT Android: Web Transfer: Join SWFT telegram group: @swfcoin

Posted by: admin  February 16, 2019

Turkey Airdrop – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa to Turkey LPK investors  Limited time offer – 3 month – 2,500 free LPK Airdrop start February 20, 2019,  For new users from Turkey only. L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a simple microloan service…

Posted by: admin  February 13, 2019

LPK now pairs with BTC and ETH markets on Bitmart Exchange

We are happy to announce that Kripton (LPK) by L-Pesa Microfinance will be listed in Bitmart exchange BTC and ETH markets on Friday, February 15, 2019. Trading start Friday 10:00 AM EST. Follow us on Telegram: Telegram English group Telegram India group Telegram East Africa group Telegram Turkey group Telegram Vietnam…

Posted by: admin  February 1, 2019

Update – 10 years LPK Lock Up Program – February 1, 2019

Dear L-Pesa Community, Recently we won Round 6 of the Bitmart Voting Competition. Now, we are listed on the Bitmart Exchange with two new pairs – LPK/BTC and LPK/ETH. Our success in the competition is due to huge efforts from the L-Pesa community, LPK believers & holders. Bitmart wining announcement – round 6 voting competition :…