Posted by: admin  September 25, 2018

A Letter from The CEO

  Dear L-Pesa Users, Thank you for your continued patronage and use of L-Pesa services. We have been working hard to consistently bring you progressive finance services, in line with the best global trends. Here is an update for you on what has been happening on ground, on our way to development. It is very…

Posted by: admin  September 23, 2018

L-Pesa LPK Network Effect

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has been transforming communities over the past few years. Due to the good works that this service is responsible for, there are those that believe it is a charity. However, L-Pesa is purely a business. The benefit of being a business is that it is able to enjoy…

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Posted by: admin  September 19, 2018

L-Pesa – Gemini Personal loan in 5 Minutes

L-Pesa – Gemini Personal loan in 5 Minutes “Enter your Mobile Banking number in to “Loan Application” and click “Apply Now”. Upload your ID and pass L-Pesa Verification process. Check your ERC20 Wallet for GUSD loan in 5 minutes.” Services will be available soon for USA, India and Philippines. (Pending Gemini approval)

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L-Pesa set to transform finances in Uganda

The mobile banking atmosphere in Uganda is in for a boost, due to the oncoming launch of revolutionary L-Pesa services. L-Pesa provides transformational financial service through mobile banking platforms. This service facilitates microloans with close to no risk, easy to follow regulations and minimal issues with bureaucracy. Being available on a mobile platform means that…

Posted by: admin  August 27, 2018

L-Pesa LPK Saving Account

Use L-Pesa to Help You Save LPK and earn Cash on weekly basis to your L-Pesa LPK saving account L-Pesa is a brilliant progressive financial service that has been helping hundreds of thousands of people become financially inclusive. Starting out as a service that offered microloans to its users through their mobile devices, it now…

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LPK(Kripton token)Announcement: LPK will launch on DigiFinex

Dear customers: DigiFinex( 于8月14日开启了第五期积分上币活动。根据实际情况及对接进度,我们定于8月28日18:00(GMT+8),开启LPK(Kripton token)充提币及交易服务。 DigiFinex launched phase 5 points-based listing program from 14th Aug. DigiFinex is going to list LPK(Kripton Token) and open up deposit/withdrawal and trade on 28th Aug 10:00 (GMT+0). The folliwing is voting link to shift market from DFT to BTC or ETH The benefit of shifting LPK market in…

Posted by: admin  August 26, 2018

The Best L-Pesa (LPK) Time is Now

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has effectively worked towards ensuring financial exclusivity. L-Pesa services began by offering microloan services to anyone who had a mobile phone and met their simple requirements. Due to a rapid increase in popularity, L-Pesa started to explore other products and services that could meet the needs of their…

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Posted by: admin  August 20, 2018

2B LPK , 1 Year Lock Up period – Get Your Hands on L-Pesa Kripton Today

L-Pesa Kripton is now available, after an initial coin offering to existing L-Pesa customers. L-Pesa is a service that is known for offering progressive finance options to those who have a mobile phone. Their initial service was in the form of microloans, and over time, they have significantly expanded their service offerings to cater to…

Posted by: admin  August 16, 2018

L-Pesa’s Growing Service Offerings

L-Pesa is a finance service that is highly progressive and revolutionary. It has opened up the world of finance services to thousands of people, using mobile devices as the key offering medium. Through mobile phones, L-Pesa makes it possible for people to borrow money in just minutes and then build up their credit rating. With…

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Trade L-Pesa Tokens (LPK) on the Bitmart Exchange

Modern and progressive finance services make sure that anyone, anywhere, is able to gain access to finance. That is what L-Pesa stands for, allowing anyone to gain access to an array of financial services through a mobile phone. This service started off by enabling people to take microloans through their mobile phones, and has consistently…