Posted by: admin  February 18, 2019

LPK will be list on SWFT Blockchain February 20, 2019

🎉We are happy to announce that Kripton(LPK) by @LpesaICO will be listed in SWFT Blockchain on Feb. 20, 2019 and will be paired in over 120+ coin/tokens 🎉 🔥L-pesa is a financial services company that provides microfinance to clients in Africa. DOWNLOAD LINKS: SWFT iOS app: http://bit.ly/SWFTIOS SWFT Android: http://bit.ly/SWFTandroid Web Transfer: http://transfer.swft.pro Join SWFT telegram group: @swfcoin

Posted by: admin  February 18, 2019

February 20, 2019, India Airdrop, the Time is Now – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa – February 20, 2019   Limited time offer – 3 month, 2,500 free LPK Airdrop For new users from India only. In preparation for L-Pesa loan services in India L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a…

Posted by: admin  February 16, 2019

Turkey Airdrop – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa to Turkey LPK investors  Limited time offer – 3 month – 2,500 free LPK Airdrop start February 20, 2019,  For new users from Turkey only. L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a simple microloan service…

Posted by: admin  February 13, 2019

LPK now pairs with BTC and ETH markets on Bitmart Exchange

We are happy to announce that Kripton (LPK) by L-Pesa Microfinance will be listed in Bitmart exchange BTC and ETH markets on Friday, February 15, 2019. Trading start Friday 10:00 AM EST. Follow us on Telegram: Telegram English group https://t.me/LpesaICO Telegram India group https://t.me/lpkindia Telegram East Africa group https://t.me/kriptonsocialexchange Telegram Turkey group https://t.me/LpkTurkiye Telegram Vietnam…

Posted by: admin  February 11, 2019

L-Pesa Will Offer Transformational LPK Savings February 15, 2019

When it comes to financial inclusion products, there are few that stand out like L-Pesa. This progressive finance service started out offering loyal customers microloans, and has expanded since then. Over the years, it now offers a digital currency called Kripton, that L-Pesa members can access from their mobile phones. There has been a small…

Posted by: admin  February 5, 2019

L-Pesa Android App – Loans are a Swipe Away

Coming up March 2019 – L-Pesa Microloans have been transforming the way that people are able to access microloans. Designed to put loan funds into mobile banking accounts, this is a service that has helped ensure everyone is able to gain access to credit, no matter where they are, without need for any collateral. Users…

Posted by: admin  February 2, 2019

Are you short of cash? Any BTC in your Crypto wallet?

 By March, 2019 – BTC cash out have just been made easier at L-Pesa As a progressive finance institution, L-Pesa continues to offer its subscribers modern and useful services. Recently, L-Pesa has joined forces with Bitcoin, making it possible for subscribers to interact with this world-famous digital currency using the L-Pesa platform. With this integration,…

Posted by: admin  February 1, 2019

Update – 10 years LPK Lock Up Program – February 1, 2019

Dear L-Pesa Community, Recently we won Round 6 of the Bitmart Voting Competition. Now, we are listed on the Bitmart Exchange with two new pairs – LPK/BTC and LPK/ETH. Our success in the competition is due to huge efforts from the L-Pesa community, LPK believers & holders. Bitmart wining announcement – round 6 voting competition :…

Posted by: admin  January 16, 2019

Voting competition round 6 on Bitmart

Dear LPK believers & supporter Voting competition round 6 on Bitmart to get listed with LPK/BTC and LPK/ETH, will be starting from today 10:00 AM EST. we need support from the community to win this! Please Vote LPK as much as you can. 1 Vote is equal to 1 BMX and 1 voter can cast…

Posted by: admin  January 11, 2019

L-Pesa’s First Step towards Augmented Reality.

  It’s been a while we are focusing on AR Technology and its uses. We like to introduce our users a new program where holders of LPK will be able to explore this technology. Want to know about “Augmented Reality”? Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that will turn the real-life environment into a digital…