Month: February 2018

Posted by: admin  February 13, 2018

The Cryptocurrency Worth Enough To Make One Man Be Honest About Something MOST People Would Hide

Would you come clean, too? Do you know how much $539 is worth to someone in Tanzania? A high quality pizza costs twenty-five cents there. So if twenty-five cents is enough to nourish the body, fifty bucks could certainly nourish… well, everything else… and open doors that had once been solid walls. For those of us…

Posted by: admin  February 13, 2018

My L-pesa Group Vision and Why we are offering an Initial Coin Offer

One of the most powerful quotes from the former United States president John F. Kennedy is “Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” No matter how good our ideas might be, if we don’t try them; they are worthless. For entrepreneurs like me, the need to try is preceded by a dream to build…