Month: July 2018

Posted by: admin  July 29, 2018

L-Pesa is now on the Bitmart Exchange Mission X Program

Join the Kripton community on telegram: L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that looks to connecting everyone to financial services, all from your mobile phone. From its roots offering convenient microloans, the service offerings of L-Pesa has expanded to now offering its very own cryptocurrency, L-Pesa Kripton. Now, in a bid to make their…

Posted by: admin  July 17, 2018

L-Pesa is Building Communities

Financial inclusion is everything that L-Pesa stands for. This service started out by offering micro-loans in a bid to ensure that everyone could access credit using their mobile devices. L-Pesa was able to successfully achieve this goal, expanding its services to several countries in the world. From this success, L-Pesa achieved a great feat. This…

Posted by: admin  July 6, 2018

Finally – Exchange with L-Pesa is Crossing Borders!

L-Pesa is a pioneer when it comes to facilitating financial inclusion. This is a service that is known for offering microloans through mobile devices, making it easy for anyone to access finance. This service has evolved over the years, with more financial products being included. Through using L-Pesa, it is possible for one to take…