Posted by admin, February 16, 2019

Turkey Airdrop – 2,500 free LPK

The Latest Offer from L-Pesa to Turkey LPK investors 

Limited time offer – 3 month – 2,500 free LPK Airdrop start February 20, 2019, 

  • For new users from Turkey only.

L-Pesa is amongst the best microloan services in the world, offering brilliant progressive finance options to its users. What started out as a simple microloan service has developed and progressed, now offering its very own cryptocurrency as well. As the service continues to progress and grow, there is a limited time offer for you to look forward to.

This offer will be open to all L-Pesa customers from Turkey and will be for the digital currency Kripton. This currency is also known as LPK.  To get the best benefits for this offer, all you need to do is ensure that you are a registered L-Pesa user, activate your new L-Pesa wallet and complete your full profile & KYC.

Once you have registered on L-Pesa, the next thing that you need to do is open an L-Pesa wallet. With your wallet in place, the system will automatically credit you as a new user with 2500 LPK. What is great about this offer is that you can withdraw the 2500 LPK immediately upon your KYC verification is a success.

It is also possible for the L-Pesa user to deposit 2500 LPK in the Bitmart exchange so that you can immediately start trading LPK. With very little effort, you are well on your way to financial independence. That is what L-Pesa has to offer for you.

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  • offer end May 20, 2019