Posted by admin, June 25, 2018

 L-Pesa escrow service for the L-Pesa social exchange

L-Pesa offers excellent progressive financial services, and at its core, it offers microloans through mobile phones. This service works to ensure that everyone can access financial services and makes it very easy to experience financial inclusion. Now, L-Pesa has elevated its service offerings to include L-Pesa escrow service as well as L-Pesa social exchange.

L-Pesa Escrow Service

Escrow services are essential when two parties are involved in a transaction, especially when they are not familiar with each other. It helps to establish trust and ensures that the transaction is more secure. With L-Pesa Escrow, it is possible to have a financial agreement that involves a third party and have the payments of the funds regulated. It works by putting the funds into an escrow account that is totally secure, and then the funds are released once all the terms of the agreement are met as overseen by L-Pesa.

The L-Pesa customers who choose to benefit from L-Pesa Escrow are those that are looking at transacting large amounts of money, or where there are some obligations that need to be fulfilled for the transaction to be fully completed. The benefit of using L-Pesa is that it is available at rates that are highly affordable, particularly if you understand that you are receiving protection from fraud and you significantly reduce your risk of losing money.

Other benefits of the L-Pesa Escrow Service are that it is possible to program automated payments so that you do not need to worry about late penalties or delays in completing payments. It also offers excellent documentation that you can refer to when you need to.

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