Month: October 2018

Posted by: admin  October 26, 2018

10 years LPK Lock Up Program

As we look in to the next 10 years of the L-Pesa Project, project will need fund for penetration in to new markets to offer its great l-pesa progressive unsecured cash loan services in 5 minutes to mobile banking customers around the world, more new markets / countries in Africa, India with 1.4 Billion…

Posted by: admin  October 22, 2018

1 Year – Target 250 Million LPK – The L-Pesa Community Buy Back Program

Buy Back program status: On Hold L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that is consistently developing ways to give back to its customers. Starting out offering microloan services, L-Pesa now offers more financial services including its very own cryptocurrency, L-Pesa Krypton (LPK). Since the initial public offering of this cryptocurrency, demand has continued to soar,…

Posted by: admin  October 21, 2018

L-Pesa Progressive Network Effect

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has been transforming communities over the past few years. Due to the good works that this service is responsible for, there are those that believe it is a charity. However, L-Pesa is purely a business. The benefit of being a business is that it is able to enjoy…