Month: October 2016

Posted by: admin  October 20, 2016

L-Pesa Joins Forces with Mobile Giant Vodacom M-Pesa in Tanzania

L-Pesa services are now available in Tanzania serving millions of Tigo Pesa subscribers, and by April 2017 more millions of Tanzanians, Vodacom M-Pesa subscribers will be able to experience these services. L-Pesa is transforming the financial market, ensuring better financial inclusion, faster and more efficiently that traditional financial institutions. L-Pesa enables mobile phone users to…

Posted by: admin  October 17, 2016

L-Pesa Gives Tanzanian Customers the Chance to Win Big Money

L-Pesa microloan customers now have a reason to celebrate their latest service offering. The progressive finance provider is adding a weekly sweepstake for extra value to what is already on offer. With this, L-Pesa customers can use funds from their savings, to elevate their account balances and also win money to build on deposits. In…

Posted by: admin  October 12, 2016

L-Pesa set to transform financial inclusion in Kenya

L-Pesa set to transform financial inclusion in Kenya In the third quarter of 2016, the Central Bank of Kenya has approved the services of microloan provider L-Pesa. This innovative platform is set to transform financial inclusion in Kenya, by making it possible for any registered mobile phone user to access microloans for their personal and…

Posted by: admin  October 5, 2016

Financial Freedom with L-Pesa Digital Credit Score Certificate

The modern financial micro-loan service, L-Pesa, continues to grow from strength to strength in Tanzania. When you sign up for the service, you get rewarded with an increasing credit score when you pay back all your loans in time and in the right installments. The highly successful credit score system in L-Pesa is now going…