Posted by admin, August 16, 2018

L-Pesa’s Growing Service Offerings

L-Pesa is a finance service that is highly progressive and revolutionary. It has opened up the world of finance services to thousands of people, using mobile devices as the key offering medium. Through mobile phones, L-Pesa makes it possible for people to borrow money in just minutes and then build up their credit rating. With the growth in finance services around the globe, and the elevation of digital currencies. L-Pesa has not been left behind.

When digital currencies first surfaced, they were only available to an elite few who had access to the internet. Like it’s loan services, L-Pesa wanted to ensure that it could offer digital currency (LPK) to anyone, no matter where they may be as long as they could access the service. This meant that by being an L-Pesa customer, one could easily start trading on fast growing digital markets and enjoy these benefits.

Introducing Kripton (LPK)

L-Pesa has created its very own digital currency (LPK) that is known as Kripton. Now, anyone who is using L-Pesa services can also gain access to this digital currency (LPK). All L-Pesa customers are able to get this digital currency in the form of coins (LPK) in their L-Pesa accounts. Once a member has a certain number of coins (LPK), they will have the chance to start trading them and benefit from some profits.

The digital currency coins (LPK) that you get can also be used for paying for certain L-Pesa services.  If you choose to use the coins to pay back your loan, you will pay a certain percentage as the coin processing fee depending on whether you are taking an individual or a business loan.

If you have been a long term user of L-Pesa, check your account and you will find a complimentary 2,500 coins to get your started with this digital currency. There are more than 275,000,000 free coins that have been issued so far. Why should you use coins? The main benefit is the lower interest rates you can enjoy when paying back loans. Furthermore, you can also elevate your credit score over time.