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Posted by: admin  August 28, 2022

Israeli FinTech Innovators Helping Combat Global Poverty

Financial services startups are playing a role in improving underprivileged populations’ access to banking Access to banking is something many people take for granted. But according to the World Bank there are nearly 1.7 billion people around the world with little or no access to any kind of formal financial services. In the US alone, over 6%…

Restoration Service V4 Swahili
Posted by: admin  July 6, 2022

Urejeshaji wa huduma kwa wateja walio fungiwa  kwa kutofanya marejesho ya mikopo yao kwa wakati 

Salamu, Wateja wa L-PESA Urejeshwaji wa Huduma ya L-PESA ni huduma mpya inayotolewa kwa wateja waliofungiwa huduma, ambao walipoteza uwezo wa kukopa zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita kwasababu ya matatizo kwenye urejeshaji wa mikopo hiyo. Faida utakazo zipata: punguzo la 50% kwa kiasi kinacho daiwa kuondolewa kwenye orodha ya wateja waliofungiwa huduma kurejelezwa kwa akaunti…

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Posted by: admin  July 6, 2022

L-Pesa Restoration Service for Blacklisted customers

Greetings, L-Pesa customers L-Pesa restoration service is a new service offered to L-Pesa blacklisted customers who lost access to their wallets over a year ago due to difficulties with payments. Benefits for you: Discount of 50% on the full amount due. You will be removed from the blacklist. Activate your L-Pesa wallet to regain full…

Posted by: admin  July 6, 2022

How to get Mpesa statement in PDF for Tanzania Vodacom subscribers

Greetings Vodacom/L-Pesa customers. Kindly be informed that it is possible to get Mpesa statements in PDF format, whereby, For MSISDN accounts, ( Eg. 2557628782xx), customer has to visit any nearby Vodashop with his/her valid ID (Voter’s ID, driving license, passport or national ID) Do not hesitate to reach us via email at in case…

L-Pesa 360 select
Posted by: admin  July 6, 2022

Free credit score giveaway 

L-Pesa 360 Select – We’re giving away 100 free credit scores  Greetings, L-Pesa customers As you already have an active and very good standing L-Pesa account, now is the perfect time to secure more funds with L-Pesa. L-Pesa is the digital companion to help you manage your finances.  To help you improve your financial situation,…

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Posted by: admin  November 10, 2021

Kripton DeFi Ecosystem – a Product of L-Pesa

For those who want to experience the benefits of crypto-fiat but don’t know where to start or what it means; L-Pesa has created an all-in-one solution with Kripton coin. You can now use this Kripton coin through its updated DeFI Ecosystem Dapp that provides 5 key innovations for Africa: Swap (exchanging other currencies) Bridge (used…

Posted by: admin  January 8, 2021

The L-Pesa App – #1 path to financial inclusion 

Over the years, there is one app that has stood out for offering excellent and progressive financial services. This app is the L-Pesa app, a brilliant service that is meeting financial needs for thousands of individuals in various countries. Everyone can access the services of L-Pesa. All that is needed is a mobile phone and…

Posted by: admin  December 25, 2020

L-Pesa Creates Powerful Alliance with India’s

  L-Pesa is a financial service that has been driving the progressive finance agenda, is looking to expand its offerings in India. Around the world, L-Pesa began by ensuring that the unbanked were able to access microloan services instantly using their mobile devices. From provision of microloans for individuals, L-Pesa also offered these loans to…

Posted by: admin  December 25, 2020

L-Pesa Micro care Foundation (India)

L-Pesa is expanding beyond the African continent into Asia, with its finance offerings. In India, L-Pesa micro care foundation is looking to support economic growth. This service will assist customers as well as small business owners build up their credit scores and develop a credit history. This is in line with the introduction of the…

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Posted by: admin  May 28, 2020

The Age of Your Business Could Help You Get a Good Loan

Did you know that the age of your business has an enormous impact on what kind of loans you’ll be eligible for? What L-Pesa Are Looking For When we are considering at a borrower, we want to know how likely we are to get our money back. While credit score and monthly revenues are a good way for…