Month: October 2017

Posted by: admin  October 15, 2017

Why You Should Trust L-Pesa

The first thing that you will notice once you meet an L-Pesa customer is the joy that they have following use of the service. If you have never used this service, or met someone who has, you may be sceptical about exactly how it works. Well, there are several reasons that you should trust L-Pesa…

Posted by: admin  October 10, 2017

Finally! Progressive Finance in India for all with L-Pesa

Finance is evolving, and there is a new microfinance institution coming to India. This service will make sure that everyone is able to gain access to progressive financial services. The company, L-Pesa, which has successfully established strong footprint in various countries in the world will soon be offering services in India. L-Pesa delivers progressive finance…

Posted by: admin  October 4, 2017

L-Pesa set to transform finances in Uganda

The mobile banking atmosphere in Uganda is in for a boost, due to the oncoming launch of revolutionary L-Pesa services. L-Pesa provides transformational financial service through mobile banking platforms. This service facilitates microloans with close to no risk, easy to follow regulations and minimal issues with bureaucracy. Being available on a mobile platform means that…