Posted by admin, March 15, 2019

Offer end April 15, 2019 – L-Pesa Offer Transformational LPK Savings.

When it comes to financial inclusion products, there are few that stand out like L-Pesa. This progressive finance service started out offering loyal customers microloans, and has expanded since then. Over the years, it now offers a digital currency called Kripton, that L-Pesa members can access from their mobile phones. There has been a small gap though, and that has been in the area of savings. L-Pesa has stepped in to fill that gap, making it possible for one to increase their financial freedom.

Very soon, a new LPK deposit program shall be available for those that are looking to save. It will be possible to open a savings account as an LPK holder, and give your savings time to mature. You will be able to lock your savings into your account for one to five years. After this time period, your savings will grow as you earn between 10% and 30% LPK interest Per Annum.

  • Unlimited lpk deposit to l-pesa dedicate account
  • Accumulative LPK annually interest
  • All transactions registered on the blockchain and can be seen on etherscan.
  • 1 year lock up = 10% lpk interest
  • 2 year lock up = 15% lpk interest
  • 3 year lock up = 20% lpk interest
  • 4 year lock up = 25% lpk interest
  • 5 year lock up = 30% lpk interest
  • locked LPK will be release automatically on maturity date.

Having this ability to save is crucial for anyone looking to expand financially. It means that over time, one can slowly put some money away, and benefit from this behavior. The interest that a person earns can be pooled back into savings yet again, helping to extend the cycle.

L-Pesa continues to stand out as a progressive finance service, as it takes care of the masses. The offerings that are available ensure that anyone, so long as they are eighteen and over, and have access to a mobile phone, can get finance services. All one needs to do is register with L-Pesa and expose yourself to the pool of amazing service offerings.

*Deposit LPK will be enable on L-Pesa desktop version on your  PC by Feb 15, 2019.

Offer end April 15, 2019.