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Posted by admin, September 5, 2021

Kripton: A Revolutionary Token for Microfinance

Cryptocurrency is the future of microfinance. Well-packaged services will give power to low-income people who are often neglected by their financial systems. Traditional financial systems think of low-income earners as uneconomical to serve or hard to reach. The World Bank estimates that there are close to two billion financially excluded adults in the world. These people are living without savings or formal credit. Microfinance will meet their needs by ensuring there is economic justice. In general, most microfinance institutions focus on giving credit in form of small capital loans although some provide money transfers and insurance.

What is L-Pesa?

L-Pesa is a financial tech platform that offers new financial tools to small businesses and consumers in Asia and Africa. It provides microloans on the platform to allow users to begin and grow their businesses, pay for their education and fund their goals in life. The company targets Asia and Africa because they have a huge chunk of the world’s poorest population. They are not just concerned with serving the unbanked, L-Pesa is also giving them access to credit. The platform has more potential for growth than traditional microfinance. There, token holders benefit directly from the growth of the L-Pesa network. They receive a weekly income that is proportionate to the tokens they hold.

The platform will provide the following benefits to the users:

  • Access to credit – Through L-pesa, users will be able to get microloans that allow them to fund their life goals. As they use it, they will build their credit score, increasing their chances of getting a larger loan amount the next time they need it. L-Pesa financing options will allow users to improve their lives. The credit scoring model is proprietary and has been fine-tuned over many loans issued by the company.
  • Earning opportunities – The platform will have an allowance for third-party providers to give their money and make profit off it. Employees and shareholders will also get to earn a generous return on their investment and work.
  • Automated loan services – L-Pesa’s business model includes a highly automated system that allows nearly full automation of tasks connected with loan servicing and underwriting the loans. It is integrated with mobile money service providers to make the collection of payments and disbursement of loans efficient.



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