Posted by admin, August 8, 2019

L-Pesa Android App is live on Google play store – Loans are now a Swipe Away

L-Pesa Microloans have been transforming the way that people are able to access microloans. Designed to put loan funds into mobile banking accounts, this is a service that has helped ensure everyone is able to gain access to credit, no matter where they are, without need for any collateral.

Users of L-Pesa have enjoyed the easy to follow, one step application process to register for these services. Once registered, application has also been quick, although, all this has been done through their website. When the loan is approved, funds are deposited into the mobile banking account like M-Pesa, Airtel, MTN or Tigo Pesa wallets and reminders are sent each week to facilitate the repayment of the loans. Loans can also be paid through the mobile banking platforms.

With a passion for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, L-Pesa is launching their very own L-Pesa Android App for use on smartphones. This app will make it possible to register and apply for a micro-loan even faster. In addition, it shall have special features that will help with repayment, reapplying for a new loan, and checking one’s credit score.

Through the L-Pesa app, it will be easier for users to find out all the different L-Pesa services that are available, so that one can make a guided decision. L-Pesa microloans are transforming finances, and helping people gain access to loans that can build personal and professional lives.

Make sure that you download the L-Pesa app. With it, loans will only be a swipe away.

Some of L-Pesa users best 2019 Facebook reviews:

“l-Pesa is one of the convenient methods of getting small and big loans in modern society. it is very easy to grow tour limits and to obtain loan. unlike other mobile loans this one is the best. Grow your limit in easy steps and you will enjoy your loan freedom.”

“Lpesa is the best way of securing a loan online I know be it emergency personal or business loans I have recommend lpesa to several friends who are happy only one has complained of high interest rates but the simplicity brings him back thumps up lpesa.”

“Lpesa loans are reliable and fast increasing. I like the fact that once you clear with a certain loan you automatically move to the next level ofhigher loans and with an extended period of repaying the loan.I also like the fact that lpesa interest rates are quite less and friendly. Bravo lpesa! The only area I would like to suggest improvement is on the side of disbursement…. Please try as much as you can to make people receive their loans within the stipulated time.some applications are quite urgent and one expects immediate could work well if you could be be loans within 24 hours of application. Thanks. Otherwise thanks too for this platform allows interactions country wide”

“This is the best loan lending company ever 100% Excellent service.I highly recommend anyone in need of loan to try L-LPESA and enjoy it’s loan benefits. In terms of loan repayment there is enough time for loan repayment,It’s website is well arranged and easy to access and apply for a loan.Also they offer different loans ,example Personal loans of up to $300 businesses loans of up to $50 to $3000 .I highly appreciate L-Pesa for giving me a loan that has enable me to start and run my poultry farming.Thankyou and God bless you.”

“L pesa a reliable mobile phone loan lender .it is quick in disemburse,low interest rate and once you pay you qualify for a higher loan immediately.they send you polite reminders and don’t threaten you compared to what other lenders do .I was refered by a friend and I found it great.i have invited some of my friends and they say they say it is wonderful.”

“So nice and faster I love it congratulations ,but you have to generate an app so that it can be more convince and also you have yo reduce the time or delivering time you take more than 24 hr to give a loan.
Thank you for being good for me.”

“L-pesa is the best and cheapest way to secure the fastest loan online.I like the fact that once you’re through with the first loan,your credit limit automatically goes high.with l-pesa by your side no regretsbecaise it gives you a chance to grow personally and realize your potential and in above all no Discrimination”

“Lpesa is a game changer in comparison with the other mobile entities since they are true to the word and the efficience is incredible!could address the delays in loan processing tho!thumbs up”

“L-pesa is very efficient,helpful,convenient,brilliant and excellent.Its helpfull in the case that its help both growing and big business grow to their higher level,convenient in that it offers loan at a growing credit limit with repayment in time.Its excellent and I can recommend every personality to invest with L-pesa loans.’