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Posted by admin, November 10, 2021

Kripton DeFi Ecosystem – a Product of L-Pesa

For those who want to experience the benefits of crypto-fiat but don’t know where to start or what it means; L-Pesa has created an all-in-one solution with Kripton coin. You can now use this Kripton coin through its updated DeFI Ecosystem Dapp that provides 5 key innovations for Africa:

  1. Swap (exchanging other currencies)
  2. Bridge (used between two different blockchains)
  3. Earn yields while you’re staking
  4. Stake your tokens as collateral for lending
  5. And Farm to gain more earning opportunities than ever before!

All these features come together to form an ecosystem that brings together a range of financial elements. From L-Pesa, these elements include investing, borrowing, loaning, payments and much more. Using the LPK DeFi Ecosystem, the transaction speed increases significantly, as does the ease of shifting between different L-Pesa services.

Another exciting key feature is the ability to access stable cryptocurrencies, including the top cryptocurrencies in the world. Get ready to experience: –

  • Asset Tokenization – A simple interface that enables both issuers and investors to manage their LPK and other assets.
  • Marketplaces – A large pool of opportunities to buy digital currencies. An excellent tool to ensure that you elevate your liquidity.
  • Lending Access – With the LPK DeFi Ecosystem, you can gain access to finance significantly faster than any traditional banking options. Furthermore, you earn interest on your funds.

Visit and experience every part of the Kripton DeFi Ecosystem as you seek financial freedom and success.