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Posted by: admin  May 14, 2019

Instruction for Loan Application & Repayments

How to payback your SMS Bill Repayment to L-Pesa: Repayment instruction for Tanzania M-Pesa & Tigo Pesa  customers To repay your loans via Tigo Pesa: Dial *150*01# from Tigo-Pesa number, menu comes, select 4 (Pay Bill) after that another menu comes, select 3 (Business Number) and L-Pesa Business Number is 302600, then amount (add the exact…

Posted by: admin  April 17, 2019

LPK Direct Deposit – Do More with your L-Pesa Wallet Today

LPK direct deposit is now on desktop version – L-Pesa financial services offer solutions to mobile phone owners who have signed up to use the service. This makes it possible for anyone to access progressive finance service at their convenience. Now, there is a new service option that is available through L-Pesa, and that is…

Posted by: admin  April 9, 2019

LPK Saving account with weekly interest to your mobile wallet

  The best part of saving is watching your money grow when you receive interest. This is when one can say, ‘patience pays.’ Banking institutions typically pay out their interest once in a year. This rarely encourages people to really get into saving. L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that focuses on fully meeting the…

Posted by: admin  March 24, 2019

Get Your Hands-on Fast Cash with L-Pesa

LPK cash out have just been made easier at L-Pesa. It is always good to be prepared for the unexpected. At times, something could come up that requires you to have some funds. You may panic if you are short on cash. When these incidents happen, what you need is a quick solution. A way…

Posted by: admin  March 23, 2019

L-Pesa Makes Cryptocurrencies even easier to reach.

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has expanded with ease for one simple reason, and that is understanding the customer. With this, L-Pesa has been able to consistently evolve their product to meet customer needs and demands. Following months of work, L-Pesa has taken the next step to helping its crypto’s users attain financial…

Posted by: admin  March 15, 2019

Offer end April 15, 2019 – L-Pesa Offer Transformational LPK Savings.

When it comes to financial inclusion products, there are few that stand out like L-Pesa. This progressive finance service started out offering loyal customers microloans, and has expanded since then. Over the years, it now offers a digital currency called Kripton, that L-Pesa members can access from their mobile phones. There has been a small…

Posted by: admin  March 15, 2019

Joint Balance Bonus and Trading Competition on Bitmart.

How many LPK will you own by end of competition? 🐳Humpback Whale= 130,000,000 LPK & More 🐋Whale= 129,999,999 – 80,000,000LPK 🦈Shark= 79,999,999 – 40,000,000LPK 🐬Dolphin= 39,999,999 – 20,000,000LPK 🦑 Squid= 19,999,999 – 10,000,000LPK 🐙Octopus= 9,999,999 – 5,000,000LPK 🐟 Fish= 4,999,999 – 2,000,000LPK 🦀Crab= 1,999,999 – 1,000,000LPK 🐌Snail= 999,999 – 100,000LPK 🦐 Shrimp= 99,999 – 1000LPK…

Posted by: admin  March 13, 2019

Amazing new product from L-Pesa – LPK Collateral Loan

Coming Soon Try the Latest New Loan product from L-Pesa L-Pesa is a progressive finance service, that is consistently evolving. Over the years, new products have been implemented to meet with changing customer needs. Now, another revolutionary product for L-Pesa customers is available. That is the LPK Collateral Loan which one can access with ease…

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Posted by: admin  March 8, 2019

LPK listed on OOOBTC Exchange

LPK got listed on OOOBTC EXCHANGE with the following pairs: You can now trade LPK in LPK/BTC:   Make up to 30% LPK annually – Now is the best time to secure more LPK tokens and enjoy the best program L-Pesa has to offer. This is the 1 to 5 years LPK deposit program. There is…

Posted by: admin  March 4, 2019

160,000,000 LPK in Prizes! Kripton (LPK) Joint Balance Bonus and Trading Competition on Bitmart

Dear L-Pesa & BitMart Users, Kripton (LPK) was officially listed on BitMart. To celebrate, we will give away a total of 160,000,000 LPK to participants in our Balance Bonus and Trading Competition! Period: 2019/03/11 2:00 PM – 2019/03/25 2:00 PM (EDT) Balance Bonus – Airdrop 100,000,000 LPK The top 5,000 users with the largest amount of…