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Posted by admin, February 26, 2020

The L-Pesa Line of Credit

Finance has evolved in this new decade. Where just ten years ago, gaining access to financial services was limited to a select few, today everyone can benefit from financial services. Modern finance services are just a swipe away with L-Pesa services. Using mobile technology for access, L-Pesa ensures financial inclusion, through providing a line of credit to individuals from all walks of life. There are a myriad of other services provided by L-Pesa including microloan services, cryptocurrency, savings and much more.

The line of credit is the most favored of L-Pesa service offerings. It allows the L-Pesa service to extend a set amount of money as credit to its customers. With this line of credit, it becomes possible to take out a micro-loan, and pay it back over time with minimal interest. In addition to these service offerings, an L-Pesa user can benefit from the credit score. With the credit score, when you pay back a micro-loan in time, you are able to elevate your credit balance. Customers can begin with a loan worth less than $10 and borrow in excess of $3,000 over time. This is an excellent service, enabling financial inclusion for anyone over time.

One brilliant feature of having a line of credit is being able to plan finances for making a range of purchases or investments. When making this plan, it becomes possible to then access the money on demand, as and when you need to use it. All that is required is to meet the minimum qualification criteria, and you will gain access to an increasing amount of funds over time.

With L-Pesa, the line of credit can be perpetual. What is needed is proper repayment of the borrowed funds. Take for example, borrowing $100. Once it has been paid back with the minimal interest required, it is possible to immediately borrow another $100 and keep repeating the process.

Financial inclusion requires making it possible for people to access funds when it is most pressing or relevance for them. So many people have been unable to make financial progress, because they are unable to access credit when they need it. L-Pesa has changed this scenario for thousands. With L-Pesa line of credit, one can access personal unsecured funds at their convenience and through the mobile phone. Maintaining this line of credit requires low payments spread over a comfortable payment of time.