L-Pesa 360 select
Posted by admin, July 6, 2022

Free credit score giveaway 

L-Pesa 360 Select – We’re giving away 100 free credit scores┬á

Greetings, L-Pesa customers

As you already have an active and very good standing L-Pesa account, now is the perfect time to secure more funds with L-Pesa. L-Pesa is the digital companion to help you manage your finances. 

To help you improve your financial situation, we are offering you a 100-point credit score that opens up your options for cash loans anywhere and anytime.

Your credit score promotion code is:  CR100

Before you apply:

  1. Make sure your profile is complete
  2. Make sure your credit score is at least 50
  3. Make sure your mobile statement includes 6 months of transaction history

Click the “LOAN” tab and select the amount you would like to borrow. If you are applying for a loan, click on “APPLY LOAN”, choose your preferred period, select “OTHER”, enter your credit score promotion code CR100, and click “APPLY”.

Only 1000 L-Pesa customers will receive free credit score points, so don’t delay, secure your points now before they’re gone.

Become a part of this incredible opportunity by logging into your L-Pesa wallet and applying for a cash loan of up to $700.

Typically, the approval process takes between an hour and eight hours.

Login from your smartphone:  

Download L-Pesa newest app: