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Financial Freedom with L-Pesa Digital Credit Score Certificate

The modern financial micro-loan service, L-Pesa, continues to grow from strength to strength in Tanzania. When you sign up for the service, you get rewarded with an increasing credit score when you pay back all your loans in time and in the right installments. The highly successful credit score system in L-Pesa is now going digital. Customers can share their credit score information from L-Pesa with financial institutions, thanks to the L-Pesa digital credit score certificate.

This certificate contains information on the credit score of a customer, and includes insight on their credit history. It may just be the document that you need to tip the balance when you are looking to get a loan or access credit from a formal institution.

With all the advantages that this certificate offers, it will not be long before it becomes a standard in the financial landscape of Tanzania. L-Pesa is the best option in progressive finance, offering micro-loans to all, and transforming the current approach to credit.

To get your very own L-Pesa Digital Credit Score certificate, simply login to your L-Pesa account and download it for free. You can also share it from one mobile device to another with ease.

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    1. How to Apply for L-Pesa cash loan: Login to your L-Pesa account with 4 digits pin code you got with L-Pesa welcome SMS. Go to “Apply Now” > “Business Loan” and click on green button below “Ready for you”. You will receive cash to your Tigo Pesa wallet in 5 minutes.

    1. In order to enjoy L-Pesa business loan service, user need to upload to his L-Pesa account his current & genuine business license.

  1. Hi, I would like to know how I can increase my credit score. I have successfully paid back my $30 loan but I only have a credit score of 36, I need 42 to be able to borrow $40.

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