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L-Pesa Joins Forces with Mobile Giant Vodacom M-Pesa in Tanzania

Micro Loans with Mobile Banking - LPESA Microfinance Tanzania

L-Pesa services are now available in Tanzania serving millions of Tigo Pesa subscribers, and by April 2017 more millions of Tanzanians, Vodacom M-Pesa subscribers will be able to experience these services. L-Pesa is transforming the financial market, ensuring better financial inclusion, faster and more efficiently that traditional financial institutions.
L-Pesa enables mobile phone users to access micro-loans services that will make it easy for them to elevate their finances. Vodacom users will have the change to register for the modern L-Pesa services, so that they can immediately gain access to microloans. Registration is a quick, one step process. A registered person will be able to start with micro-loans valued at $1, with the option of increases the minimum amount over time to the tune of $3000. Access to these funds may be just what a person needs to transform their professional or personal state.
Once registered on L-Pesa, the entire mobile banking experience on Vodacom will change. You will have the chance to pay back your loan in small and manageable installments. If you pay back your loan in time, and in the right amounts, then you elevate your unique credit score. With a high credit score, you gain access to more and more funds.

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      1. Sijawah ona kitengo cha huduma kwa wateja cha kipumbavu kama hawa jamaa,yaani simu hawapoke..msg fb hawajibu..emails ndo sijui hawazion yaan wapo wapo tu kama mazombi sijui kwanin hawafuti hayo mawasiliano waliyoyaweka maana hayana maana kbs ni upuuzi mtupu MNAKERA SANA

  1. Please Admin
    Can tell me the way to pay back my loan? Can I get the Tigo Pesa code. I do not see the way to pay back the loan. Please Reply it through my email.


    Constantino Kudoja

    1. How to payback your SMS Bill Repayment to L-Pesa:

      Dial *150*01# from Tigo-Pesa number, menu comes, select 4 (Pay Bill) after that another menu comes, select 3 (Business Number) and L-Pesa Business Number is 302600, after that you will be required to add your loan reference number, (You received it with SMS Bill Repayment SMS) THEN AMOUNT (add the exact amount on the SMS) Then go on to finalize the transaction by placing your Tigo-Pesa PIN.

  2. why they send me this sms i dint understand “Huduma itaunganishwa na mtandao wako wa simu hivi karibuni. Tutakutumia SMS yenye taarifa ya kuwepo kwa muunganisho wa huduma zetu na mtandao wako wa simu. Kaa tayari”.

  3. Hi admin,i ddnt understand in my account they told me account yangu yatiliwa mashakacoz sikumaliza update on time ,what now am i supposed to do to proceed with my request.

  4. I wish to understand how it works but I don’t, am in need of a loan how do I get it? Please assist me on this

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