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Posted by admin, March 5, 2022

Introducing the L-Pesa 360 Select


 L-Pesa is delighted to introduce the L-Pesa 360 select. These are a series of changes designed to make our customer experience wholesome.  

Our customers will now have the opportunity to: 

Select A Preferred Loan Amount


You can now select your preferred loan amount as you grow your credit score. The more credit score you build, the more options are available for you. 

Select A Preferred Due date


At the touch of the button, you can select which due date best suits you. Customers who select earlier payments get the advantage of cheaper interest rates. 

Grow Loan Limit in a Short Duration


Our credit scoring is designed to reward timely loan payments. The more loans you take, the higher your credit score grows. Moreover, the higher the loans you take the lower the interest rate. 

We are working to make your digital experience more rewarding and fulfilling. 

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