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How to Get your Airtel or MTN mobile statement in Uganda

This post highlights the ways that you can use to check your Airtel or MTN Mobile statements. ItÔÇÖs constantly a smart thought to monitor how you go through your money. With financial balances we commonly get bank statements anyway with mobile money this is something that frequently gets disregarded because of the accommodation it manages its clients.

Mobile systems do anyway perceive the significance of such an asset concerning mobile money and now the vast majority of them give approaches to get to mobile money statements.

At the cutting edge of this is Safaricom who gives two or three distinct ways for one to get to their Airtel or MTN Mobile Statements relying upon oneÔÇÖs needs.

MTN Uganda – How to get a Mini-statement for Uganda MTN subscribers:

Request mini statement

Step 1: Dial *165#
Step 2: Select ÔÇÿmy accountÔÇÖ
Step 3: Select ÔÇÿrequest mini statementÔÇÖ
Step 4: Enter your Mobile Money PIN
Step 5: You will receive a notification

Airtel Money Uganda – How to get Airtel Mobile money statement(Uganda)

USSD Code Method 1:
This method also commonly identified as the Mini-statement is the quickest option however it provides Airtel money statement of only the last four transactions.

Dial *185# Method 1 – Mini statement
Choose option 10, My Account.
Select option 4, Last 4 Transactions.
Enter Pin to confirm. The mini-statement will be sent via SMS on your number instantly.

USSD Code Method 2 -  90 Days statement
This method provides statement for 90 days. Therefore the user must input From Date and To date between 1 to 90 days.

Dial *185#.
Choose option 10, My Account.
Select option 3, Request Statement.
Enter a functioning Email Address.
Enter the From Date. This marks the start time from which you hope the statement history will begin for example DDMMYY, 01012021
Enter the to date. This marks the end time of transaction statement history. Remember the period should not exceed 90 days.
Insert your pin. An email will be sent in a PDF format to the address you entered.

Use My Airtel App to Request Airtel Money Statement
Download and install the My Airtel App, it is available on IOS and Android. Open the App and log in with your Airtel Money mobile number to proceed.
Click on the menu bar at the top right corner detonated with three parallel lines. Tap on Account then click on Transaction History.
By now, your app might display your transaction history for that particular date or a few previous days. Go ahead and Select Modify to input timing of your preferred transaction history. A calendar will show up, click on digits that match your desired date.
Tap Search and the transaction statement will show.
NOTE: My Airtel App provides statement between 180 days.

Visit Any Airtel Shop Near You.
For more inquiries visit any Airtel shop near you. Talk to the customer care helper and definitely the statement will be handed to you.

Airtel Customer Care
Call 100.

Official Twitter Account:

Official Facebook Page:

However you can only get Transaction history on your number. If you used the agent, then you will need them to help you with the statement history on their line. If you are making important transactions, strictly use your line.