Posted by admin, December 7, 2019

Coming soon – L-Pesa launching the service to MTN customers Nigeria

L-Pesa is a company that takes progressive finance to the next level. With a focus on financial exclusivity, this microloan service ensures that there is access to instant funds through a mobile device. For several years, L-Pesa has afforded individuals from around East Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda access to finance, helping them elevate their lives. This is done through various offerings including microloans for both personal and business use.

In building up their unique offering, L-Pesa is launching a service with MTN in Nigeria to delight its customers from all around the country. Through this partnership, it will become much easier to transact between L-Pesa and MTN, making access to funds even easier. This will
also ties in with the L-Pesa philosophy of increasing the amount of money one can borrow, as they pay their loans on time through their unique credit score. Furthermore, L-Pesa services will be available at excellent prices, allowing existing and new customers to continue to benefit from their offerings.

It is easy for anyone to become a part of the L-Pesa journey. Simply subscribe to MTN so that you can use L-Pesa through MTN wallet. Financial exclusivity is just a swipe away.

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