Posted by admin, March 24, 2019

Get Your Hands-on Fast Cash with L-Pesa

LPK cash out have just been made easier at L-Pesa.

It is always good to be prepared for the unexpected. At times, something could come up that requires you to have some funds. You may panic if you are short on cash. When these incidents happen, what you need is a quick solution. A way that you can get the money you need with minimum effort or fuss. That is where L-Pesa comes in. L-Pesa is a progressive finance service that has its roots in microloan services. Over the years, L-Pesa has continued to offer products that meet consumer needs, including the cryptocurrency LPK.

LPK or L-Pesa Kripton is a rapidly growing digital currency with great returns. Through your L-Pesa account, it is easy to convert your LPK into cash. Here is what you need to do to make this happen.

  • Begin by making sure that you have a crypto wallet like Imtoken wallet, and that the crypto wallet has LPK tokens within it. You can then easily transfer these tokens into your L-Pesa wallet.
  • If you already have LPK in your l-pesa wallet, the next step is to convert the LPK into your local currency. For example, L-Pesa introduced the LPK/TZS pair for the people of Tanzania to make it easier for the to convert their tokens. (Coming April 2019)
  • The cash that you exchange shall be directly deposited into your mobile money account, such as M-Pesa, Tigo or MTN wallets.
  • If you dont have any LPK in your Imtoken or L-Pesa wallet, you simply go to Bitmart exchange and get your LPK
  • Or contact one of the L-Pesa LPK broker:
  • Telegram ID : @yashjuma
  • Telegram ID : @KriptonKING
  • Telegram ID : @swala_ex

With this excellent service option from L-Pesa, you do not need to worry about being short of cash. Within minutes, you can simply convert your high value LPK tokens and have some cash at hand. L-Pesa continues to offer progressive and convenient finance officers to all its customers.

*LPK Direct Deposit to L-Pesa wallet will be open soon.