Posted by admin, March 13, 2019

Amazing new product from L-Pesa – LPK Collateral Loan

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Try the Latest New Loan product from L-Pesa

L-Pesa is a progressive finance service, that is consistently evolving. Over the years, new products have been implemented to meet with changing customer needs. Now, another revolutionary product for L-Pesa customers is available. That is the LPK Collateral Loan which one can access with ease from a mobile phone.

With this product, it becomes possible to use L-Pesa Kripton (LPK) cryptocurrency as collateral for a loan. Furthermore, this collateral loan dramatically increases that minimum amount that a person can borrow on their mobile phone. The more traditional microloans did not require any collateral. This meant that it took the borrower longer to build their credit score and reach a higher balance. For these types of loans, the borrowing cycle starts at $1 and goes up to $100.

With the LPK Collateral Loan, an L-Pesa user is able to borrow a cash loan above $100. For security, they can deposit LPK into their L-Pesa wallet.  When this initial loan is paid back, one can then take another loan where the amount that can be borrowed goes up to $125. The only thing that one needs to keep in mins is that they should have enough LPK to provide the security needed for the loan.

It is quite simple to purchase more LPK for your L-Pesa wallet if you need to increase your collateral. Just visit the Bitmart exchange and directly purchase LPK. You could also choose to contact an LPK Exchange Coin Broker at @ kikkk