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L-Pesa Android App – Loans are a Swipe Away

Coming up March 2019 – L-Pesa Microloans have been transforming the way that people are able to access microloans. Designed to put loan funds into mobile banking accounts, this is a service that has helped ensure everyone is able to gain access to credit, no matter where they are, without need for any collateral.
Users of L-Pesa have enjoyed the easy to follow, one step application process to register for these services. Once registered, application has also been quick, although, all this has been done through their website. When the loan is approved, funds are deposited into the mobile banking account, and reminders are sent each week to facilitate the repayment of the loans. Loans can also be paid through the mobile banking platforms.
With a passion for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, by March 2019 L-Pesa will launch their very own L-Pesa Android App for use on smartphones. This app will make it possible to register and apply for a micro-loan even faster. In addition, it shall have special features that will help with repayment, reapplying for a new loan, and checking one’s credit score. Through the L-Pesa app, it will be easier for users to find out all the different L-Pesa services that are available, so that one can make a guided decision. L-Pesa microloans are transforming finances, and helping people gain access to loans that can build personal and professional lives.
Make sure that you download the L-Pesa app once it has been launched. With it, loans will only be a swipe away.

17 thoughts on “L-Pesa Android App – Loans are a Swipe Away”

  1. I like so much KIVA because it improves peoples live
    I even want to apply a loan of my fees to complete my course
    but i dont know the where i can do it
    i will be happy for your reply to me thanks
    am DENIS
    form UGANDA

  2. Morning
    Am L pesa customer already.
    If I want to request Big amount Loan for starting my new Business, what am I suppose to do,
    Looking to hear from You

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