Posted by admin, February 1, 2019

Update – 10 years LPK Lock Up Program – February 1, 2019

Dear L-Pesa Community,

Recently we won Round 6 of the Bitmart Voting Competition. Now, we are listed on the Bitmart Exchange with two new pairs – LPK/BTC and LPK/ETH. Our success in the competition is due to huge efforts from the L-Pesa community, LPK believers & holders.

  • Bitmart wining announcement – round 6 voting competition :

  • LPK/BTC and LPK/ETH trading start date February 15, 2019, 10:00 EST

Now, there are lots of exciting developments for the L-Pesa project & LPK token coming up. Here is what you can look forward to:

  • Make up to 30% LPK annually – Now is the best time to secure more LPK tokens and enjoy the best program L-Pesa has to offer. This is the 1 to 5 years LPK deposit program. There is a minimum of 1 million LPK holding and up to 30% LPK to be made annually.
  • 2019 LPK token development ongoing – In order to maintain the development of LPK tokens, we ask to unlock 200,000,000 LPK from the 10 years lock up program by February 1, 2019, 10:00 am EST. We move 180,000,000 LPK to the L-development account at the following address:
  • 2019 Public reward – 20,000,000 LPK will be distributed to L-Pesa account holders & LPK believers with a minimum of 1 million LPK by June 30, 2019. This shall be 6 months earlier than expected.

Want to find out more? Follow our great 10 years lock up program on

ATTENTION: LPK 10 years lock up program is subject to change upon LPK  new opportunities & development. L-Pesa will make its best effort to invest more LPK in the best development opportunities.

Thank you for supporting LPK!