Posted by admin, September 12, 2018

L-Pesa New Exchange Listing September 12, 2018

L-Pesa is an excellent progressive finance service provider that consistently creates innovative products that customers love. The best thing about L-Pesa services is that they are highly accessible, as all the customer needs in their mobile phones. Through L-Pesa, it is possible to get your hands on a digital currency that is known as L-Pesa Kripton, which is growing from strength to strength.

To make the most of this digital currency, you need to trade or exchange it with others so that you can increase your total balance. There is one brilliant platform that you can take advantage of, and that is the Bitker exchange.

Through the Bitker exchange, some of the best digital currencies in the world can be traded with L-Pesa Kripton. These trading pairs include lpk/btc (bitcoin) and lpk/eth (ethereum). Since this trading platform is still in its starting phases, the exchange is currently available for Chinese citizens only. This is just for now, and it is expected to soon be available to a much wider market. In fact, the English version will launch soon so keep an eye out for it.

With L-Pesa, progressive finance for all is now a reality. Experience the best of L-Pesa and start using the Bitker exchange now.