Posted by admin, July 6, 2018

Finally ÔÇô Exchange with L-Pesa is Crossing Borders!

L-Pesa is a pioneer when it comes to facilitating financial inclusion. This is a service that is known for offering microloans through mobile devices, making it easy for anyone to access finance. This service has evolved over the years, with more financial products being included. Through using L-Pesa, it is possible for one to take out loans, as well as spend easily using a mobile device.

For Tanzanians, it is now possible to utilise L-Pesa social exchange. This has opened up the world of digital currencies to anyone who has access to L-Pesa services. L-Pesa has its own digital currency called Kripton. Kripton social exchange can be accessed through website and a mobile platform that is highly popular. Through this social exchange, it is possible for one to enjoy the benefits of digital currency profits.

This initial offering will soon be available in both Kenya and Uganda. This means that those living within these East African nations will be able to enjoy all that L-Pesa social exchange has to offer. It will be possible for one to exchange L-Pesa across borders, a great move for those in business as well as those looking for modern finance solutions.

There is a just one thing existing customer and progressive customers have to look forward to. That is being able to use L-Pesa seamlessly in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This will open up trading of the L-Pesa Digital Currency, offering more value and staying in line with progressive financial services.

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