Posted by admin, May 10, 2018

L-Pesa ICO is a Great Success

Several months ago, L-Pesa, the progressive finance platform set out to achieve a massive mission. That was to open up digital and mobile banking to anyone who has access to a mobile device. This was growing from the availability of L-Pesa in several countries, and L-Pesa offers a microloan service that has been transforming lives and finances. To stay aligned with modern finance, L-Pesa made it possible for anyone on their platform to benefit from using cryptocurrencies, and that is through the ICO offering.

The result has been phenomenal, and a large number of L-Pesa customers have taken advantage of the benefits that the ICO offer has to offer. With the ICO offer coming to a close on the 10th of May 2018, this is the best time to join the L-Pesa platform and become one of the first people to benefit from this fantastic cryptocurrency offering.

Through this ICO offering, L-Pesa has managed to achieve one major goal, and that is to ensure that the unbanked population are able to benefit from what blockchain has to offer. This is the next generation of L-Pesa, and customers can count that from this moment, L-Pesa will only continue to move forward in service offerings.

L-Pesa wants to take this opportunity to appreciate all the members who chose to participate and contribute towards making the ICO offering a massive success. The company is now getting ready to distribute all the new L-Pesa tokens to the users.