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L-Pesa Partnership for a Profitable Future

Progressive and innovative finance is now in the market, thanks to L-Pesa Progressive microloan services. Mobile banking has been revolutionized by service providers such as Vodafone and their M-Pesa services. L-Pesa is taking these services one step further, by making it possible to borrow money, when you need it using your mobile phone. This service has made loans all-inclusive for everyone in the population, as long as they are over 18 years of age and qualify for a quick loan.

L-Pesa microloan services are opening up opportunities to interested parties to partner and elevate the services available. With these services available around the world, all are welcome to take up this current offer.

If you are in Africa, Asia or South & Central America, and you looking to partner with L-Pesa, you can enjoy the exclusive chance to purchase the sales of L-Pesa license for this vast continent. With a population that exceeds 1 billion people, you will get a return on your investment that is almost limitless.

To immediately gain access to a large pool of customers, L-Pesa shall provide all partners with the rights to use its revolutionary software. With this access, partners will be able to process microloans for their customers from the front office, and at the back office, they will be able to manage the administration of these loans. The extent of these rights are clearly explained in the service agreement that includes detailed terms and conditions.

Customers will be able to reach partners through the L-Pesa website. For even better connectivity, it will be possible to access L-Pesa services through local business page on Facebook.

Are you interested in finding out more? All you need to do is send email to and talk with the motivated team at L-Pesa to discover how your business can benefit from the L-Pesa platform.


11 thoughts on “L-Pesa Partnership for a Profitable Future”

    1. What are the rules for a new member?, and how many shilings a new member can be given?, and how that money is transfered from L-pesa to tigopesa?

  1. Adimin here at my account i need you help to kept my name. YONA ROBERT. And help to change language in account inorder to understand ok.

  2. Najaribu kukopa inashindikana kwa nini wakati mnasema mkopo dk tano naomba maelekezo mazuri tafadhali

  3. L-pesa is really different. I applied for a loan for the first time; and within 5 minutes, the money was already put into my mobile phone. It’s quick and convenient. Many congratulations, L-pesa!

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