Posted by admin, December 28, 2016

L-Pesa Upgrades Mobile Access

L-Pesa services are revolutionary, transforming mobile banking for anyone with access to a mobile device. With L-Pesa, one can carry apply for micro-loans, which have very favorable terms for repayment. This makes it easier for more people to attain financial inclusion.

L-Pesa registration has been carried out using their advanced website, through an easy one step process. Now, the website has been upgraded to ensure that it is easy to access across all platforms, especially using a mobile device. The new website is fully responsive, making it possible for anyone accessing it on mobile to clearly see all the information that they need.

If you are new to L-Pesa, the first thing that you need to do is register for an L-Pesa account on the website. Using your mobile device, visit, and fill in the one page application form. Once you have completed this step, you will receive a message to confirm that you are registered on the L-Pesa platform.

After you have registered on the mobile website, all you need to do next is to upload your genuine photo ID and apply for your L-Pesa microloan. The application process takes minutes, and once approved, you will have the loan amount in your mobile phone for your use. You can pay your L-Pesa microloan in manageable installments, and borrow even more if you complete your payments in good time.

With this upgrade to the mobile website, access to L-Pesa services is much easier for anyone who is seeking innovative and alternative financial services.

8 thoughts on “L-Pesa Upgrades Mobile Access”

    1. Hie nataka kununua point 750 sa cjajua ntazipata kwenye programu gan maana naona2 kuanzia point tano mpm mia moja!

  1. Wahuni tuu, mmenifungia account yangu sababu mnaona nimefika mbali na nilikua nina crrdit score nyingi ona sasa i can’t acces my account, Nyinyi ni matapeli acheni uhuni Mnakwaza sanaa sanaaa matapeli wakubwa nyie

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