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The L-Pesa Verification Process

Getting started with L-Pesa is simple and straightforward, as the registration process takes one simple process. Once you have filled in your basic details, the step is to go through the verification process. After you have been verified, it becomes possible to gain access to a microloan.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete this process. Remember, once you have been verified, you will immediately be able to enjoy the service provided by L-Pesa.

 Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is simply apply for a loan. The lowest amount that you can apply for is $1 so that you can get your verification.

 Step 2

Once you have made you application, you will be asked to confirm your identity. There are several ways that you can do this. You will need to upload an official government issued identification document onto the system. You can make a choice from your voter’s ID, national ID, driving license or passport.

 Step 3

After you have successfully uploaded your identification, the next step is to provide some more information about yourself. First, you should provide proof of your residential address, which could be in the form of a utility bill. In addition, you are also required to go to your closest government office and request for a letter that confirms your address. This letter will act as our resident identification that is issued from your local government. These documents then need to be uploaded onto your L-Pesa account together with your official identification. This step is compulsory so make sure that you have all your documentation in place.

 Step 4

With all your documentation in place, you are moments away from being verified and getting your loan. The next step is to create your very own profile on the L-Pesa platform. This requires you to have a passport size picture that clearly shows your face. After all, you do want to have an account where you look good. You will then receive a call from an L-Pesa representative who will take you through a short interview. This is to get confirmation of your details, and help set up better security parameters for your account.

When you have completed all of these steps, you will receive your verification and immediately gain access to L-Pesa microloans. With L-Pesa microloans, you are able to start with a small loan and grow your credit score. The higher your credit score, the more money that you can borrow. Complete your verification now, and experience progressive finance first hand. If you are not properly verified, then you will not be able to gain access to the services from L-Pesa.

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      Ili uwe mteja rasmi wa L-Pesa, tafadhali hakikisha umepakia vitambulisho vyote halali, cha mpiga, cha taifa, hati ya kusafiria, leseni ya udereva, sambamba na barua ya utambulisho kutoka serikali ya mtaa. Barua ya serikali ya mtaa ikiwa pamoja na mojawapo ya vitambulisho tajwa ni muhimu sana sana. Hakikisha pia unaweka picha ya akaunti (profile picture) aina ya passport size ikiwa na ukuta wa rangi moja. Weka vitambulisho vizuri, pendezesha akaunti yako na uwe mteja rasmi na upate huduma haraka. Bila kurasmishwa hautaweza kupata huduma za L-Pesa.

  1. Je ninayo biashara yangu nafanya hivyo nataka mkopo wa milion saba, je riba yake ni shilingi ngapi nanitarejesha kwa muda gani? Na vile vile huo mkopo utachukua muda gani mpaka niupate?

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