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L-Pesa Set to Unveil Microloan Services in the Philippines

L-Pesa Set to Unveil Microloan Services in the Philippines

Within the last three months of this year, L-Pesa is set to penetrate the South East Asia markets by launching its revolutionary microloan service. This service is available on a mobile banking platform, for ease of access to anyone who owns a mobile phone and registers on the site. The next country in this region that will benefit from L-Pesa services is the Philippines.

The Philippines has a population of 98 million, of which 27.5 million are estimated to actively make use of a personal smartphone. The number of smartphone users is destined to increase over the next few years. This reveals the amazing potential of the mobile banking market in the Philippines.

There are several highlights that those who register for L-Pesa can look forward to and these include: –

  • Access to quick loans that can elevate your mobile banking balance within minutes.
  • Low repayment amounts that make borrowing more favorable.
  • A credit score system that makes it possible to elevate what you are able to borrow.
  • An excellent platform to save your money, privately and conveniently.

There are many places where banks and other financial institutions are scarce in the Philippines, and mobile banking fills in the gap within these markets. L-Pesa makes access to credit and loans much easier for all people, cutting back processing time and complications. Residents in the Philippines should prepare themselves for L-Pesa which shall launch soon. L-Pesa services are an excellent solution for those seeking financial inclusion.

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