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Pre-Approve for Tigo Pesa Customers

L-Pesa in Tanzania – Pre-Approve for Tigo Pesa Customers 

Happening now in Tanzania – As a Tigo Pesa Customer, you are familiar with mobile banking, particularly with sending and receiving money, and using mobile money to pay for a range of transactions. Mobile banking can extend beyond transactions, and actually be a quick source of money, as and when you need it. This can be easy to achieve for the Tigo Pesa, who is seeking for a way to improve financial stability.

Tigo Pesa has partnered with, so as to help all Tigo customers gain access to micro-loan services. These services will make it possible to source micro-loans within five minutes, with the possibility of increasing the loan amount over time. Repayments of these loans are spread out over small installments to avoid placing undue pressure on Tigo Pesa customers. To source these services, Tigo Pesa customers need to register for L-Pesa.

To do so, all that is required is to log on to the L-Pesa site and register your mobile number. As a Tigo Pesa customer, you are already pre-approved, and the system shall capture all the required information. Once you have registered, your L-Pesa account will be created and you can verify your personal information.

To begin using L-Pesa services, you need to have a 6 months history of mobile banking with Tigo Pesa, and also completed a minimum on 10 transactions on your mobile banking account. Register for L-Pesa services today, and experience the added benefits of micro-loan services as a pre-approved Tigo Pesa Customer.

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  1. This is a great news to all – those with access to banking as well as those from the remote area with no access to banking services.
    Accessing soft loan like this has been a nightmare for most of ordinary Tanzanians who have no “the so called formal employment”. Great creativity, well done.

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