Posted by admin, July 8, 2019

L-Pesa chosen by Microsoft to join the Startup Reward Program (SRP)

L-Pesa has been making massive strides in the progressive finance space. Today, these strides have been recognized and a new opportunity will take L-Pesa even further. L-Pesa started out by simply facilitating microloans to those who were unbanked. Now, it also includes its own cryptocurrency, Kripton, as well as an array of products to help budding entrepreneurs in different industries.

In line with taking massive strides, L-Pesa has been chosen by Microsoft to join the Startup Reward Program (SRP). Through this program, L-Pesa will be able to become a Microsoft Co-Cell partner. This will offer a myriad of advantages including: –

  • Increased opportunities for accelerated growth. Through Microsoft, it will be much easier to reach more customers. This will because it shall become easier for potential customers to find the L-Pesa App.
  • Innovation with product solutions through partner to partner collaborations. This will enable L-Pesa to come together with other businesses offering innovative solutions so as to create something that existing and new customers will find incredibly useful.
  • Get co-sell ready and enjoy the benefit of increased collaboration with Microsoft experts who can help elevate customer success. Marketing materials will get better and sharing opportunities will increase.

What does all this mean? Simply, that L-Pesa continues to get bigger, better, more innovative and efficient. Meeting customer needs is what has driven L-Pesa since its inception. With this new solution, L-Pesa will be able to work towards the goal of reaching the unbanked all over the globe.

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