Posted by admin, November 15, 2017

L-Pesa ICO is coming soon to the Blockchain

Money has become something it’s never been before. So has the way we relate to it.

In the past, the constant goal was cold, hard cash in the wallet. The smell of money was the equivalent of an expensive cologne; it attracted both respect and admiration. But in an age where everything is becoming digital—and therefore intangible—money has been no exception.

Mobile banking took center stage several years ago, and L-Pesa has grown around its spotlight with the development of this platform. Now there are cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin) that have been created to work on the blockchain network. The next big thing in the money markets is the ICO which stands for the Initial Coin Offering. True to form, L-Pesa is staying ahead of the trend by offering ICO services soon—before most others do.

Is ICO similar to… IPO?

Yes. Many start-ups consider raising capital by having an IPO, an Initial Public Offering. The ICO is similar to this. It is a way that L-Pesa can raise capital so that it is able to offer better services to more people from all over the world. The money raised through an ICO brings a new cryptocurrency into existence so that it can be sold as well as traded on the cryptocurrency exchanges that are available online. It also presents an opportunity for anyone interested in investing in this growing company that is focused on progressive finance. L-Pesa has a proven track record of offering services that cater to the needs of customers from all walks of life—in the most progressive, innovative ways possible. In other words, it’s a paradigm blueprint for a sound investment.

What are the benefits of the L-Pesa ICO?

With an ICO, it will be possible to receive a cryptocoin as an investor. This is what you receive as a return on your investment since it is ideally a digital currency. When you have one of these, you will have a right to ownership of part of L-Pesa. There is every chance that the value of these coins will rise quickly over time, once they’ve been offered. Therefore, once the ICO is made available, one should aim to be an early investor in order to get the biggest benefit possible when the returns start coming in.

ICOs are completely aligned with L-Pesa’s mission and vision, taking the service offerings to the next level. It will become possible for anyone with an ICO to release tradable tokens that can be shared freely so that funds can be raised. These could be used to grow the business or to grow one’s wallet. There is also the potential for a whole new financial system to emerge through the L-Pesa platform, which can help those using the service achieve economic growth. The L-Pesa ICO will open up a type of stock exchange to people from all corners of the world so that they can make micro-investments and enjoy their returns.

Money may be now what it’s never been before—and we’d argue it’s never been better. It’s exciting here ahead of the curve… Join us.